Laundry Room



Open 24 hours daily.

There is a laundry room on every floor in every building. There are two washing machines and two dryers in each laundry room.

The cost per wash and per dry is $1.75.

Laundry facilities utilize SmartCards (reloadable plastic cards) for your convenience - no more quarters!

Rules & Regulations

  1. Home Properties assumes no responsibility for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.
  2. Please be courteous and remove your clothing from washers and dryers promptly.
  3. Please do not bring food, beverages, or pets into the laundry center.
  4. Laundry center trashcans are not for household garbage.
  5. Please use only the recommended amount of detergent/bleach.
  6. Please clean dryer lint filter before each use.
  7. Please report any problems to the leasing office immediately.
  8. Please do not overload the washer or dryer. Your laundry may not be as clean, and it will take longer to dry your clothes. Overloading may cause equipment breakdowns.